What is it?
Funny Not Funny is a comic for humans created by generative algorithms—specifically OpenAI and Midjourney. These images are also conceived, curated, and constructed into comics by Jason Theodor.

Where can I get a copy?
This compilation is for sale on Amazon (in most countries) for less than the price of a premium coffee, and has been optimized for close-up frame transitions on the Kindle (something they call Guided View).
A beautiful, high-res PDF is available on Gumroad for a few bucks, and more of the proceeds go to me, versus Jeff Bezos.And if you want to read them all for free, you can always check out Jason Theodor's Instagram account, where he often posts his work.Purchase or download from the buttons below

Limited Edition
A limited edition was printed for the art show IN/HUMAN at Gagné Contemporary gallery in Toronto last September, 2022. If you'd like to buy one of the 100 signed, sealed copies, they are only $20(US) plus shipping costs.